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Titel / Title Der Erde entwachsen (Gewollte Wunden) 
Label Northern Silence Productions 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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„Der Erde entwachsen“ by Kerbenok is a Mini-CD with three songs. They start with calm tunes, flute and whispering, and it sounds promising. Yet the promise cannot be kept. The typical dragging Black Metal "singing" quickly gets me bored. I don´t mind growling, but personally I like variety especially when it comes to vocals, and it would be nice to understand the lyrics. Both is not the case here. The booklet proves what the title of the CD suggested: the lyrics are in German, about nature, woods and such. Quite appealing is the booklet artwork, nicely done and with beautiful photos. For me the best aspect of this CD. There are nice parts, especially the calm instrumental melodious ones. But as soon as vocals and rough style is added it becomes plain and boring.

Some good intentions, though, unfortunately not more.

Sabine Koch, transl. K. Weber

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