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Ralf von Mohn

Titel / Title Neues Sortiment 
Label Reinhard Records / New Music 
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I am a softie, no question... But what is Ralf von Mohn? Maybe a whole club full of Heintjes and Schmalzjes and Flennjes ( a big club of nutless man) He must be something like this.

I apologize, but this whole record is lyrical bullshit. The CD starts off with „because she is like... „ It sounds more than a try to get left alone from the one he loves, than a love declaration. This record is a desaster, a mess.

One of the positive things is, that the album is produced very well and on full of swinging harmonies. But this is all.

The label wrote that the „artist“ has got an unmistakable voice. Yes he has, cause it`s so boring, nothing you have never been listening to, and maybe you never will.
You will be lucky, if you do not understand German. Certainly, on „Neues Sortiment“ are really swinging and kind melodies with a positive meaning, kind of '“whatever happens to you - go straight on“. And of course this is ok.

The CD contains a nice booklet with some pictures of the artist in a „lonesome and thougtfull musician mood“. That`s ok for sure, but I do not believe him, even if he is real. I do not think so.

Before the singer made his first solorecord, he was part of the Band „Mohn“. They split and since this time he tries on his own. The last song on '“Neues Sortiment“ is called „Sehnsucht“ ( Longing ) and actually I long for some good German bands like „Element of Crime“ and their lyrics.

Holger Hofmann

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