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Titel / Title Good to be Bad 
Label Steamhammer (SPV) 
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It might be clear to everybody, when a 30-year-anniversary CD is concerned: musical innovations will be limited. Whitesnake belong to the rock genre in this with pleasure described dinosaur-category, and sticking to geological metaphors, to the early Jura era. In case this does not ring a bell yet, the hit "Here I go again" might be alsobe known to non-Whitesnake-listeners, although it originates from the year 1982.

Quite clearly the men around Mr. Coverdale could be sure of the full production and technical support for this disc, and thus we also get a clean, extremely powerful production full of punch, delivering 100% what Whitesnake is about. But that is it. You can hear on the record that the legitimate successors to Deep Purple have given everything. Only is not sufficient any more today. There is simply no pinch of anything new in order to make it interesting to listen.

Gernot Hermenau

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