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Titel / Title Playground Princess 
Label Silversonic/ H´art 
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Sweet little voice, warm melodies. You can listen to Mina´s work ´ Playground Princess ´ at warm summer nights, all night long, and be allowed a look to wander in the distance, whether on the beach, in the best case, or from the house roof, also in the best case.

The duet Jäel Krebs and Luk Zimmermann has produced a particularly balladesk work. The album is nice to listen to, without becoming too soft - well, just a little bit... It is nothing new for the duet market, but you cannot invent it anew. Everything has been done there already. The two have recruited Pal Angelskar (singer of the Norwegian band Minor Majority) for the track ´ living in between´ , and so Mina provide as duo and as trio in 41 minutes of melancholy, closeness, longing.

A little bit gloomy is ´ Praying Mantis ´ and this is very cool!!! Good thing! The attempt of an up-tempo track is ´ What it means to you ´ - has also succeeded quite well. Many pieces disclose to the listener only by repeated listening. But what discloses to everybody immediately is that Mina still have potential. ´ ´ Playground Princess ´ = nice voice, attractive arrangements if you like it quietly and thoughtfully. A deficiency is that the album seems too soft. I lack a few edges, like ´ Praying Mantis ´.

So i must say: The work of the Swiss band is rather nice, but does not strike me, despite those few musical gems. More of those, please, next time.

Holger Hofmann

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