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Titel / Title Revolution 
Label Muscon / Intergroove 
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This is cool shit! You have been waiting for it a long time! Four men, who took off to revolutionize the German-speaking music scenery, according to the title of her work ´revolution´. And this revolution can only succeed. There is fury depth, pain and the wish to change , in any regard. The guys speak to everybody who walks with open eyes through the world.

The ´revolution´ begins easily, with the explanation and the necessity why to tear the basic parts of the damn bourgeois mentality apart, and right with the title piece. A timid inquiry becomes the desperate scream for change and an condemnation of the ´modern´ existance. Sure, we all know that. But I have not heard it so explicitely yet. But the recorder revolution refers apparently also to the personal life of singer and Frontman Claudio. In the third song he shows us a demolition of his life or a snapshot of it, and to also everyone who knows about the feeling – nothing works. Quite importantly: It is not about pity! He screams about what is fucked up and what hurts. This is real, honest and kicks ass. You would call it good german rock. I call it respectable rock which knows what it wants and is able to do, without being titled pseudo-something.

There are also slow songs on this album lthat unfortunately only contains nine songs of those four Frankfurters. With the ´ Die Lichter meiner Stadt ´ and the 80-s year cover ´Eisbär´ as well as the last song ´ Im Nordend´ the boys let the revolution rest and grant us a look into the depth of the personality of the front man. ´ Die Lichter meiner Stadt ´ is the best track on the excellent new work of recorder. It reminds a little of Rio Reiser. And this comparison is of course as a compliment. Generally: Congratulations for this ´Revolution´ !

Holger Hofmann

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