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Dresden Dolls, The

Titel / Title No, Virginia 
Label Roadrunner 
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Finally I got to listen to them closely, the highly praised Dresden Dolls. Hm, how do you call it what they are playing? The band calls it Brechtian Punk Cabaret, let´s call it rock / punk chansons with a good shot of pop. „No, Virginia“ is the sequel to „Yes, Virginia“, the second studio album of the duo from Boston. One half of it are unreleased songs from „Yes, Virginia“ sessions, the other half are current mind spooks of this duo, as well as a new version of an old B-single plus the cover song „Pretty in Pink“, originally done by The Psychedelic Furs. Due to the short studio time the album seems like recorded live, you really feel like being at the evening performance of a colorful talent club. Singer and piano woman Amanda Palmer is conjuring up almost every emotion in our hearts with her characteristic voice, the intelligent lyrics and the versatile piano melodies, at times childishly playful, at times melancholy heavy without getting over the top. The album is concentrated creativity - nevertheless it doesn`t appear to be enough as outlet, cause the The Dresden Dolls are not satisfied with all the concert and festival stages alone, no, they are into theater stages as well. So there`s still a lot to learn about these artists, I think I`ve got a crush on them!

Katrin Dietl

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