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Titel / Title Funeral Doom  
Label Ancient Dreams Records 

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Basically the title of this CD says everything already. Itīs anything but a positive attitude to life that is expressed by Fabio De Paula (git, voc, key), Robson Antonio (dr) and Alexandre Vida (bass), on their second CD plus Keyboarder Eric. And those guys from Brazil prove the fact that profound sadness in epic style is not necessarily restricted to European Northern hemispheres. Practically 80 min playing time and 7 songs says something already, too. Gloomy, long and highly melodic and in my opinion rather in the My Dying Bride (minus violin) than e.g. Candlemass, HellLight produce quite a few wonderful goose bump provoking moments, but sometimes itīs getting a big too epic for me, and the heavy guitar could have been there more often and more in the foreground.... but thatīs perhaps a question of taste. Genre fans should get this one for their collection anyway, and who likes the bands mentioned should give this CD a try, as the edition is limited to 666 pieces.

Klaudia Weber

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