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After Cataract´s last album „Kingdom“ you did not hear much from those Swiss guys. But now Fedi & Co. are back with the extremely heavy „Cataract“ album that contains SLAYER influences, Hardcore-attitude and mosh parts. A fresh wind that Cataract had been missing out on the previous album. Straight into your face... this is their motto! If you like their Metal Blade label debut „With Triumph Comes Loss“ can also get this one right away. Shouter Fedi sounds more powerful and adds to the appeal of this riff thunderstorm.

Tracks like „Deathwish“, „Burn At The Stake“ or the opener „The Seperation Of Life And Time“ will definitely bring Cataract live audiences down on their knees. Cool!

01. The Seperation Of Life And Time
02. Blackest Hour
03. Snake Skin
04. Choke Down
05. Deathwish
06. Burn At The Stake
07. Tonight We Dine In Hell
08. Breeze Of The Kings
09. Doomed Steps
10. In Ashes

Marc Hoek

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