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Titel / Title As Above, So Below 
Label Firefield Records 
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A pretty rough sound will instantly blow you away - this is indeed a nice portion of powerful riffs and brutal Thrash to deal with. This band from Braunschweig, Germany, presents their fourth longplayer here and proves that Thrash Metal isnīt dead yet. Their style is 100 % Old School, and if you miss Overkill, if you feel disappointed by more recent outputs of Exodus or Testament or if you want to listen to something else besides all those Kreator-Sodom classics - this is the right CD for you. But not only 80s Bay Area brutality can be found here, slower tracks with some groove and ear candy character offer diversity ("Bound To Fail", "Quest For The Sun"). The perfect soundtrack to train your headbanging muscles for all those upcoming summer festivals.

Klaudia Weber

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