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Titel / Title Melancholeric 
Label Firefield Records 
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Well, there´s perhaps a bit melancholy in the calm instrumental opening track, otherwise it is rather the adjective "choleric" to describe the sound of Injustice. It is Nu Metal that those five very young guys from Rostock, Germany (they are all in their early 20s) are presenting here. Hardcore elements and Metalcore is mixed with Melodic Metal parts, and shouter Johannes Barth masters growls and clean vocals so well, so that one would expect to read the names of two singers in the line up list... therefore I cannot help but think of the Finns Profane Omen, or Amoral... or this is how Swallow The Sun could sound like, if they had decided to play Speed / Nu Metal. Simply a well-done debut album, you should check out this band.

Klaudia Weber

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