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Titel / Title Stoopid Monkeys in the House 
Label Prismopaco 
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Neither "stoop"-id nor silly what four Italians from Reggio Emilia, Italy, have produced. The first album of the boys sounds quite appealing to the ears and to the mind. ' STOOPID MONKEYS IN THE HOUSE ' makes you copl down and go with the music. Everything is very easy and relaxed. STOOP use besides classical instrumentation, like drums, guitar etc. a few brass players, as well as some keyboard sounds. Also a little bit rRock can be heard, but without leading to a big Mosh-and Pogue festival. It is smooth Indie and it is good.
Stoop have to show some references, for example winning the national Heineken Contest (2005) and gigs with Oasis and Iggy pop on big stages. Diego Bertani (singer and guitarist) knows how to bring out the vibes of the songs, vocally.
The guys go their own way, and they already found it. 'STOOPID MONKEYS IN THE HOUSE' is not an experiment, it is the way STOOP is and hopefully will be in future. This reccord is quite diverse and that is what i want to listen to.
The second version of the Openers' fire on my cheap sunburn' is quite funny. 6 so called hits are to be mentioned:
'fire on my cheap sunburn'
'faster than me'
'sleeping awake'
'garbage in space'
'the entertainer'
'lesson 2'

Summary: for everyone, who knows about good indie-music it is a must!!

Holger Hofmann

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