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King Hobo

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Am, yes... I almost forgot you are here. I was drifting away a little bit… So you want to hear what I`ve got to say about KING HOBO!? Yeah, wow, jipiie!!! That`s what we lack these days!

Ok I´m down on earth again… are you a friend of the good old 60s rock, do you enjoy being taken away by jamming guitars? Then you will surely agree with me. Per Wiberg (keys, guitar, vocals) of OPETH and Jean Paul Gaster (drums) of CLUTCH have had a great idea when they decided out of a jam- mood to look for some like-minded ones and found related souls in Ulf Rockis Ivarsson (bass) of BEAT UNDER CONTROL and Thomas Juneor Andersson (guitar, vocals) of KAMCHATKA. KING HOBO is the product of a excessive jam session in a little cottage in Swedish Falun and definitely fun to listen to. Though too often you are reminded of various classic rock legends, a little Hendrix in the vocals, a little Santana in the guitar, the doors in the keys…it`s backed up by a super cool bass, every instrument has its focus- moments just like you wish it in a good jam.

The name KING HOBO hints at the US American tramp workers of the time of the great depression, a fitting metaphor for their project. This leaves us hoping that the vagabonds may join together some time again so that we won`t lose this treasure in these hard times.

Katrin Dietl

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