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Pineapple Thief, The

Titel / Title Tightly Unwound 
Label Snapper Records / Kscope 
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THE PINEAPPLE THIEF originally is the one man project of singer/songwriter Bruce Soord, founded in the year 2000, which in the meantime grew to be an official band. This is why the band has a very reliable fanbase, which surely will follow them with “tightly unwound“ to their new label Kscope. The music is very British with great acoustic parts, a pulsating dynamic and a definite great aura. You really get trapped and taken away by the flow of the album, if you take the time to listen to it as a whole. They found the term „bittersweet progressive Indie“ as a fitting dress for their sound. There may be people, who`ll get distracted by this category, but don`t worry, there are other clothes to wear for this band, too.

Katrin Dietl

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