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Titel / Title Tremendous Ride 
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If you believe band name, album title and cover (very "original" with flames, skull, car and half-naked lady wearing a cowboy hat),you are about to have a heavy sweaty ride. Well, after a promising intro and the opening of the title track "Tremendous Ride" you are beginning a rather bumpy ride on the sound-landscape that offers off-road only a few variations.

The song structure seems simple, thereīs a lack of refinement, power, spontaneity and variaton (in terms of vocals and guitarwork). Yet this debut CD of this young band from Fulda, Germany, isnīt bad at all. They have a feeling for catchy tunes, but due to the lack of power and ideas it becomes quickly a bit dull. They are still far off their own definition "Heavy ass-kickin Metal!"

This CD is nice to be played in the background, as something in between or when itīs bed time. Perhaps with the next album they put in more fuel and dare to drive into new sound territory, as they definitely have potential.

Ulrike Schneider

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