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To Resist Fatality

Titel / Title Ianus 
Label STF Records 
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More and more bands pop up that make a journalist life miserable - how to put them into a genre, except creating another one named "cannot be put into a genre"? In biographies of other bands thereīs a new term for it - "Hybrid Metal".

Honestly, in this case I can just describe associations I had when listening to this second CD of the Germans. First the quintet seems to follow Dimmu Borgirīs footsteps with Black Metal aggression and bombast, but then it rather turns to Arch Enemy, gives you melodic grooving Power Metal in between with a mix of growl and clean vocals, then Thrash and HC style a la Linkin Park comes back - and sometimes everything sounds a bit progressive/weird (sometimes a bit too weird) as if they were relatives of System Of A Down.
You got it?

Definitely an excellent second album, a flawless production, and it all has international appeal. Quote from the band info: "The CD IANUS has a complex poster artwork, and shows with this, that TRF embrace some arts, to demonstrate their music and feelings. The high standard applies to the lyrics also. The lyrics are about politics and social things, reflections on themselves and philosophy.".
Nothing more to say... buy it!

Klaudia Weber

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