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Matt Roehr

Titel / Title UHAD2BTHERE! Live Bootleg Vol. 1 
Label Gonzomusic 
Total run time
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Many should know Matt ``Gonzo`` Roehr from the days when he played with Die Böhse Onkelz. But those days are now gone, and his new songs have only a few things in commmon with the classic Onkelz-style. Instead, simple Rock, Blues and a little bit of World Music are the ingredients of his first album ``Barra da Tijuca``.

Now, after the first solo album, the first live album follows up. This will certainly raise the question if it makes sense. As the title tells it already, this will only be the beginning of a series of live recordings of artists, published by Roehr`s label Gonzomusic.  

If we are talking about the music, there is no doubt: first class songs (his own tracks as well as some covers), performed by a first class band and a first class production. In addition there are three live videos on a special DVD-part of the CD. A very good idea!

Luckily ``Bootleg`` is only a name, but not the content of the product. But what could be done better? Perhaps more running time? Or a bit more audience sounds on the recording? But these are only small points of criticism.

Timo Päßler

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