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Grand Magus

Titel / Title Iron Will 
Label Rise Above Records 
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Big announcements and huge expectations accompany another act from „Rise Above Records“ label, owned by Lee Dorian (Cathedral), that had already delivered some musical treats. GRAND MAGUS are a Swedish Hard Rock / Metal Trio consisting of singer / guitarist JB (SPIRITUAL BEGGARS), bassist Fox (BAJEN DEATH / CULT) and drummer Seb (PLANKTON). Listening to the album, though, you cannot find anything special. Basically good Hard Rock, but nothing you haven´t heard somewhere before. You even feel tempted to use the term "cliche". And the attempt of the singer to go Doom in the opening section of „The Shadow Knows“ is not successful. The album as such convinces, e.g. songs like „Iron Will“, „Like The Oar strikes The Water“ and „ Silver Into Steel“, but still at least my expectations cannot be met.

Katrin Dietl

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