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Rufus Party

Titel / Title Civilization & Wilderness 
Label Bluebout Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 

Blues and Rock- this is RUFUS PARTY, from Italy. Old school- good school!
4 guys, who are able to play their instruments in an brilliant way. They are real musicians as they show this with Civilization & Wilderness, which was recorded in 2007. Unfortunately we did not hear about the band in our area. A real shame.
Slow tracks as well as Midtempo-songs make this record very diverse. Lyrically, the guys look back to the last 2 years on the road, with themes like love, hate... -that is blues man- .
A few years ago the quartett played some gigs in the Big Apple and that means a lot.
Their record was produced by Carlo Enrico Pinna, in analog way! RUFUS PARTY got the blues! Great work guys!!!


Love and Money

Ghettoblaster Suicide

Girl on a pedestal

Holger Hofmann

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