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Scott Hull

Titel / Title Requiem 
Label Relapse Records 
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Awesome! “Requiem” is an album of boundless possibilities, technically demanding and on a high level. The brewage Scott Hull (amongst others known from PIG DESTROYER and AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED) fabricate is borne by emotional rhythm- changes and fraught Keyboard sequences, which come along remarkably. There is a reason why the long player is called a Soundtrack- album. Altogether the concept is elaborate and adult, so people with a progressive attitude would be exalted. “Conseguenze“and “Morte Sul Treno“are a rollercoaster ride, charged with emotions that develops his own congeniality and creates an unique composition. As a tip for listening first I would suggest” II Funerale Di Bonnie”. It abides the suspense curve and convinces with manifold elements which solely inspire. I am sure this new contemporary document will win over lots of devotees. Go and check it out yourselves!

Markus Seibel

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