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John 5

Titel / Title Requiem 
Label Mascot Records 
Total run time
Vö/ReleaseJuly 2008 
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An extract from the artistīs biography: "John 5 doesn't just play the guitar. His guitar is an extension of his soul and through it his music has become the Frankenstein birth penetrating the ear drums of fans and admirers worldwide. For John 5 the music is not just about playing, but living, breathing, feeling and passion."

He had projects with e.g. Rob Halford (Judas Priest) and ex Van Halen front man Dave Lee Roth. Even more impressive is the list of his former/current employers, e.g. Marilyn Manson, Filter and Rob Zombie. And just listening to the opener of his fourth solo album (Sounds Of Impalement) even a total guitar greenhorn like me can hear that this is a master at work.

John5 plays guitar, banjo and bass and various styles of Rock, from Country / Rockabilly (Pear of Anquish) to pure Metal (The Lead Sprinkler), and thanks-god also the long tracks sound like real songs, not like a never-ending guitar solo. A track like "The Judas Cradle" just blows you away. John5 found assistance with drummer Tommy Clufetos. Still, for me there is something missing. Vocal parts, for examples, or clearer structures that even an average Metalhead like me can digest such a CD more easily. Therefore Iīm a bit clueless now and rate rather the skills of the artist here... This might be something for hobby guitarists - who will surely break down screaming / in tears and immediately burn their instruments...

Klaudia Weber

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