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Black Temple

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Wow, what a change in comparison to the band that I saw live at Metal Idiots Festival! Black Temple have indeed developed since the founding year 2005, especially in terms of songwriting and vocals.
Band-Mastermind Tang has worked hard, you can hear that and also the fact that this single was recorded at Finnvox Studio with Mikko Karmila (Nightwish, Lordi, Children Of Bodom). The band defines their style as "Kung-Fu Metal, a combination of various music styles: Evil 80ís disco-pop-rock-heavy-black-metal". I would rather name Rob Zombie as comparison, the track "Luxury Girl" even has you think of Rammstein at first. As the future - and hopefully finally stable - line up includes Tang (Vocal & lead guitar), Vesa Wahlroos (Ajattara - Rhythm guitar, Janne Parviainen (Ensiferum, Sinergy, Waltari, Notkea Rotta - Drums), Joel Attila (Valvet & Lowe Motor Corporation -Bass) and Alexi Parviainen(e.g. Ari Koivunen Band - Backing Vocals), we can be curious about the upcoming debut album.

Klaudia Weber

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