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Titel / Title Karma Killer 
Label Hype Records 
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In 2003, Negative started the "War of Love" and could reach not only dozens of little girls´ hearts but also the top position of the Finnish charts. The follow-up "Sweet & Deceitful" was a even a greater success, a tour through Germany together with HIM and The Rasmus followed. A festival perfectly designed for the teenage target group... and not few critics said that the opening band has upstaged the main acts. The gate to the pink heaven was wide open, but then the band closed the door as quickly as they have opened it. Yes, it was brave and reasonable to kiss the glitterpop girlie look goodbye to give way for a more mature, more dirty image but the idea couldn´t keep up with the result. "Anorectic" was too much in every way, too much Guns`n`Roses, too much wanted, too hasty arranged and - simply - too little Negative.

Luckily "Karma Killer" can close the gap between the new rocky style and the bands greatest strength, the feeling for irresistible melodies. So it`s not really surprising that best songs are the two ballads "An Ornament"and the even more touching "Sealed". Reminders of the past, that will easily warm the hearts (again). Wrapped in a couple of good rock songs like the single "Won`t let go", "Giving up" and the opener "Devil on my shoulder", that are catchy and straight to the point. Only the last songs of the album are a bit weak and too same structured to stay in ear.
Still not the music to charm metal hearts but worth a buy nevertheless. If not for yourself, your girlfriend or your little sister will be more than happy.

Marie-Luise Führ

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