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KLIMT 1918

Titel / Title Just in case we´ll never meet again 
Label Prophecy Productions / Soulfood 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The narrow alleys of the Eternal City, high above the roofs the sun goes down. Somewhere far behind on the horizon dark clouds, the signs of the upcoming thunderstorm. This last, electrifying moment right before the first drop falls, before the first flash tears the sky apart. In one of the the houses, a man gazes through the window, on a street as empty as his room. He remembers what was, what never will be again. In a moment, the rain will fall and everything will be washed away...

Like no other band Klimt 1918 can conserve this feeling, transforming the pain into music, melancholic yet with this breeze of the south, that awakes the longing to just close your eyes and drift away. "Soundtrack for the Cassette Generation" the Italians subtitled their third epos, weaving skilfully 80ties Wave influences and post indie rock into this unique, irrisistable sound collage, almost too beautiful for this world.

This cd is the way summer sounds, even then when the leaves are falling again. A must-buy for everyone, who has a passion for sophisticated guitar music.

Marie-Luise Führ

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