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Titel / Title Strike 
Label Dead Famous 
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Rock´n Roll Baby!
Yeah, the SNAKE strikes! No curlycues, no pseudo-something, no: ´We are so fucking different and innovative´ -attitude. Thank´s god they are not! SNAKE are pure Rock´n Roll , Hardrock from Australia and they sound like all that stuff you nowadays only can hear in a dirty, crummy rock-club, where mid-30´s and mid-40´s dudes hit the bar with their heads, and from the boxes comes AC/DC, or something like that.
´Strike´ is the first longplayer of Larry Attard and his guys, which has been the logical consequence of the band-foundation in 2006 and an EP- release in February 2008.
You can compare Larry´s voice with the voice of legendary Bon Scott and you can say that SNAKE rock with their waltzing drums, classical riffs and soli embedded in hardrock-arrangements.

I have to say it again: That´s fucking Rock´n Roll!!! The Snake has bitten!

Holger Hofmann

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