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Titel / Title Satan´s Gift & Raging Steel 
Label Displeased Records 
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Deathrow, the Thrash band from Düsseldorf, was founded in the 80s but has always remained in the shadow of Kreator, Sodom and Destruction. And that happened for a reason. Deathrow don´t offer anything new or interesting, especially if you compare this band with the stars of German Thrash.

Now the first two Deathrow albums are released as CDs for the first time: Satan´s Gift (a.k.a Riders of Doom) from 1986 and Raging Steel, 1987, are pretty boring, but they can be running in the background without disturbing you too much. Especially the singer cannot really impress.

So should you buy those CDs? No, only if you are a real Thrash fan and have a collection. On Raging Steel you find the 1986 demo "Eternal Death" as bonus, on Satan´s Gift the demo "The Lord Of The Dead". Both demos were released when Deathrow were still named Samhain.

Pia Sundström, transl. K. Weber

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