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Haunted, The

Titel / Title Versus 
Label Century Media 
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The Haunted are continuing their path, which they have walked already with ``The Dead Eye``. No more Slayer-like Highspeed-Thrash-Metal, but mor groove, really heavy guitar riffs and dark moods. Typical for this ``new`` style are songs like `Pieces` or `Trenches`. The Haunted have rarely been so wicked before!

But they can also do less dark, but more aggressive: Tracks like `Moronic Colosus` or `Crusher` are representing the Thrash side of the Haunted. This means that ``Versus`` has become really changeable, but still homogenous. In addition the Band is also walking completly new trails: In `Skuld` the guitar riffs and drums are been replaced by fragile guitars, spacy effects and keyboards. A well done experiment!

Check this out: `Ceremony` ist he best song to check out this album because it combines both styles: the old and the new The Haunted.

Timo Pässler

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