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Titel / Title A Change Through Destruction 
Label Firebox Records 
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“A Change Through Destruction” is the second album of the Finnish variety of Grendel, an apparently rather popular bandname. And “change” is also the order of the day, exclusively working with clean vocals and more simple song structures on their debut album “Lost Beyond Retrieval” the band now takes on a more heavy and complex approach with the new album. Growls dominate the songs but the past wasn´t completely erased and so the clean vocals reappear in the melodic chorus and the typical Grendel sound, which was already established on the debut, also remains. A great mix of melodic and heavy which is easy on the ear especially live and will inevitably stick to your brain. A progression that really paid off and now with the support of a record company the way is paved for big things to come.

Kathleen Gransalke

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