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Snatch Club

Titel / Title True Kids Superbrawl 
Label Bastardized Recordings 
Total run time
Vö/Release31 Oct 2008 
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The problem I face with Snatch Club is the same with bands like Meshuggah; the singing is just shit. There are two vocalists; one is a weak version of Dany Filth and the other just growls incomprehensibly. Not everyone can beat skins in rhythm, or shred the shit out of a six-string, but just about anyone can sing like these two.

One of the few good points to this band is the drums; occasionally the guitars and drums go really well together, but just as Im about to start enjoying it, the vocals come along and shatter my dreams of listening to a good track. Not even the Sin City quote helped.

The songs themselves werent too bad, but Sorry boys, but no banana this time, make a decent record next time. Id recommend ditching the growler and wailer and getting a decent singer or two.

Ozzy Aikas

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