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Coerced Into Battle

Titel / Title Enemy Mine 
Label Rising Records 
Total run time
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There are still nice surprises, even if bands go back to their roots to create an album with great attention to detail. The bawdy threesome plays Death- Metal with appropriate Hardcore- Clichés. With “Enemy Mine” the Americans show, that they know how to combine super melodic riffing with baroque assets.
As to say, they create in opposite to other bands more lead- riffs (i.e. “Fall in Line”) and they want to aerate their 10 songs with Breaks and Speed- Changes.
This works well by “Cursed with love”. This song is the highlight of the album and pleases the listener with an extraordinary mix of fast and mid tempo parts and nonchalant riffs.
Simply test Coerced Into Battle and you will agree that this music is made for all kinds of people. Really a cool record, thumbs up and all other fingers too!

Markus Seibel

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