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Days Of Disgrace

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Quite a young act: Days Of Discgrace was formed in early 2007, and right after their very first live show in February 2008 things began to take off, studio time was offerend and promotional help, but then the original drummer left the band right before the recording sessions. Session aid was found with Heikki Malmberg (Diablo), the demo was finally recorded and mixed at Cosmic Studios, Tampere, Finland, in October 2008 by Timothy Diz and Saku Rasku. And right after that Ex-Sara drummer Eetu Uusitalo joined the band which is now ready to roll.
You can hear that all members have been playing with a huge variety of bands over the past 10 years before, this promo EP does not sound like a "beginnerīs" demo, and hardly like "just" a demo at all. Riku Niemeläīs aggressive vocal style rather goes Hardcore than Death, yet the riffing has definitely some roots in Gothenborg, and also the groove and ear-candy-choruses. Basically itīs modern Metal with Death Metal and Hardcore elements, vaguely reminding of Slipknot. The clean vocal part on "No Need To Pray" might have needed some "purification", but otherwise there is nothing to complain. You donīt need to have psychic abilities to realize that we will hear more of Days Of Disgrace in the future. You can also check them out via their myspace-site.

Klaudia Weber

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