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Titel / Title Manifesto 
Label Lifeforce 
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Deadlock are now presenting their second album published by Lifeforce. And this on is really worth listening to. After a short electronic intro, a real storm is coming out of the PA. Modern Metal as it should be! Really hard, nevertheless groovy and never boring. You can also hear that the guys and the girl have improved their vocals. But there is also a thing I do not understand: What the hell has this 3-minute hip hop intermezzo at the end of “Deathrace” to do with Metal? In my opinion this does not fit to the rest of the album and is absolutely too long - it just sucks! But something that does not suck: “Temple of Love” finishes this record as a bonus track. Even though it feels like it’s the 396th cover version of this song it is, however, well done and worth listening to.

Timo Päßler

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