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Titel / Title The Beginning of Eradication  
Label Rising Records  
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/ already released  
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Nightshade are a new band from France, playing something between Death and Thrash Metal with some parts of Hardcore. From the first minute on, it is quite obvious that groove and rhythm is more important for them than speed. In my opinion this is a plus because many hyperspeed records are not heavy, they are simply boring. As well as the groove, also the vocals do please. There are only screams and growls, but there is nevertheless a lot of variation. Actually I do have to criticize some points as well: First of all, the playing time is absolutely too short. Secondly, I don`t see any own identity of the songs, so there is no chance to recognize them. All in all a good beginning.

Timo Pler

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