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Titel / Title Porta Obscura 
Label Massacre Records 
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Oh no, another poor Nightwish- copy. Don`t we have enough of these bands already? Nothing against Nightwish, they are the only ones that actually rule the soprano- vocal thing, or rather ruled it in Tarja- times. The comparison with Nightwish seems to be scheduled, because Coronatus yet stressed their budget by letting Nightwish producer Mika Jussila master their new album “Porta Obscura”, what though didn`t cause more authenticity! Coronatus are laid-out as a Gothic Metal- Pop band. Take a little bit of everything that influenced the German Goth- and Metalscene most and impressed across the genre- borders (see: Nightwish, Oomph, Subway to Sally). From all this follows the Nightwish concept plus a little bit of medieval sound, and don`t even dare to make the whole thing too heavy, so that the young and puberty-stressed target group won`t get bad dreams. As calculated, this strategy might cause great impact, they could even win a German wide Mediamarkt campaign as a propaganda tool already. Moreover, the release of the album is followed by a wide-spread tour through Germany; it seems like their label prepares for the great attack. Musically you can`t really complain due to the bare physical endurability, I just simply think the performance according to the book is very boring and I can`t even sense any emotional value in this performance. Generally the music appears quite static and dispassionate, not even the two female singers (classic soprano and „rock voice") can manage to make it more sensible. That`s a shame actually…

Katrin Dietl

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