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Holy Martyr

Titel / Title Hellenic Warrior Spirit 
Label Metalblade/SPV 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The Italian Epic Metallers Holy Martyr are still at war after their debut titled "Still At War". Now they have released a new one called "Hellenic War Spirit" and, who would´ve guessed that, they´re now dealing with the Spartans and their fight at the Thermopiles. So they´re thematically looking back to their first EP from 2003 "Hail To Hellas", that got the ball rolling for the band. Deeply rooted in the Epic Metal corner with a strong leaning towards NWOBHM, decorated with a bit of Folk and some other style elements of other subgenres. Even without paying attention to the lyrics, the war atmosphere becomes pretty clear to the listener just by the music itself and also optically through the quite martial and bloody cover artwork. Those who are into this kind of music will definitely enjoy this music and lyrics oozing with pathos about battle, honour and glory (... Manowar anyone?!). Seen from the technical side it´s somewhere in the midfield at the most - apart from that I would´ve a produced it a bit more powerful, would´ve fitted much better to the whole topic. Nevertheless, whatever has been said about technique and innovation, "Hellenic Warrior Spirit" is an entertaining record, that can score with catchy songs like the anthem-like "Hellenic Valour". Vocalist Alex Mereu hast the perfect voice for that kind of music on top of that and is floating lordily above the thick of the fight. Yes, I think even I, who is normally not that keen on this kind of music, can give away quite a good rating for this one - just give it a try, gird yourselves for the battle you True and Epic Metallers out there!

Cornelia Wickel

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