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The Ugly

Titel / Title Slaves to the Decay 
Label Unexploded Records /Dental Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Up for some really black rough stuff from Sweden? Those who just answered this with "Yes" are surely at the right adress with The Ugly - even though I have to admit this album artwork made me think of some Death(core) band, rather than Black Metal. But how´s this nice saying: the inner values count... Well, and those are abysmally ugly, cold and full of hate and thus unambiguosly Black Metal. Those who are looking for some band that reinvented the wheel, won´t discover anything like that here, this band rather prefers to walk well-tried paths but this with a lot of passion. Apart from that, this is surely the right CD for Black Metal heads who like it the oldschool way and are repugnant to newer stuff and maybe only accept a rather modern production. Speaking of production, it´s neither sterile and flawless nor absolutely rough and ear threatening, it´s somewhere in between. The opener "Seven Heads Ten Horns" thuds mangy clanking out of the speaker followed by an equally cliché afflicted Latin entitled song "Divide Et Impera". So 7 points due to a lack of diversification, but else, it´s a nice one. In contrast to die-hard BM Fans, who´ll surely have lots of fun with this record, others most probably won´t.

Cornelia Wickel

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