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Swallow The Sun

Titel / Title Plague Of Butterflies 
Label Spinefarm 
Total run time
35 + 25 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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On many occasions I have already praised this band, and I have to repeat myself here. Simply great music you should not miss, and if you havenīt heard anything of Swallow The Sun yet, just get this album. First, itīs perhaps a bit more Metal - even Black Metal, I would say - than Doom and perhaps a bit easier to access in comparison to previous works, second, itīs in all itīs epic opulence the essence what this Finnish band is about: great and catchy melancholic melodies, deeply touching, music that totally captivates you and you want to hear over and over again. Basically itīs only 1 track, 35 min long, in 3 parts, that will take you on a magic journey; singer Mikko shows that he does not only master clean vocals and growls, he added evil screeches (hence Black Metal), which suits the STS sound surprisingly well; additional female vocals are again provided by Leeni-Maria Hovila. Lyrics and cover artwork (Minja Revonkorpi) add to this "Gesamtkunstwerk" impression; then there is this 25 min "bonusmaterial" - the complete "Out of This Gloomy Light" demo - so nothing more to say: This CD is simply a MUST.

1. Losing the Sunsets
2. Plague of Butterflies
3. Evael 10:00

Out of This Gloomy Light -demo.

1. Through Her Silvery Body
2. Out of This Gloomy Light
3. Swallow
4. Under the Waves

Klaudia Weber

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