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Sturm und Drang

Titel / Title Rock ´N Roll Children 
Label Helsinki Music Company 
Total run time
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Without question this Finnish guys are a hopeful newcomer. Pure Heavy Metal with a little bit melodic stuff. The banal this mixture sounds the more effective it is, of course. Active, compact, and firm the 10 songs come out of the boxes and deploy convincingly qualities. Who cannot get enough of this can watch some videos on their homepage. But it really impressed me how the guys give everything, like they do with “These Chains” and how they give a bow to e.g. Judas Priest. Sturm und Drang always know how to create tension and to incorporate catchy-song-melodies so the disc cannot be boring anyway. Of cause, some parts sound a bit depleted, but the gents succeed to embedding it into good songs. Apart from that they always kick ass. In short: “Rock’ n Roll Children” has a high fun factor and in this a nice piece of work...

Markus Seibel

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