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Titel / Title Hordes of Chaos 
Label SPV/Steamhammer 
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After a period of weaker releases, the last two albums ``Violent Revolution`` and ``Enemy of God`` were really aggressive and strong again. Nowadays, ``Hordes of Chaos``, the third ``comeback``-album since ``Endorama`` is ready to strike. Will Kreator teach us a lesson in violence or have they become weak again?

No doubt! ``Hordes of Chaos`` easily achieves the niveau of the last two releases. In addition, it sounds homogenous, without being boring or one-sided, as none release before. Not only Mille Petrozza, who decries griefs of the world once again, does a good job. The whole band is performing at its best!
In their 27th year of its existence, Kreator are strong as never before! They are the benchmark in Thrash Metal! Everybody, who only has a small spark of Heavy Metal inside, should worship the ``Hordes of Chaos``.

Timo Pler

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