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Titel / Title Into the Labyrinth 
Label SPV/Steamhammer 
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For more than 30 years now, Saxon are producing their fine British steel. 30 years and still not satisfied! Through the last years, the produced only excellent records, so they got the reputation to be the most reliable band in the world. Their aim: cementing this reputation! Their instrument: the brand new record ``Into the Labyrinth``.

Saxon`s 18th record begins with a formidable headbanger called `Battallions of Steel`, which is, together with `Demon Sweeney Todd` and `Valley of the Kings`, the highlight of the album. But one thing is really obvious when you are listening to ``Into the Labyrinth``: Saxon sound this time astonishing quietly. `Slow Lane Blues` and `Live to Rock` are only two of many slower, less heavier songs. I have to to say that I don`t have problems with slow and quiet songs at all, but in this case I am not really convinced. In fact, the songs are played and arranged well, but the inspiring moment is missing!

All in all, ``Into the Labyrinth is a good album, but nevertheless their weakest of the last years.

Timo Pler

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