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Gates of Slumber, The

Titel / Title Conqueror 
Label I Hate Records 
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Vö/Releasealready released / bereits erschienen 
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First things first: Heroic Metal is amusing for threeish songs; then it gets slightly ridiculous. Listening to this one can´t but think of all the pimple-plagued WOW junkies, the kings of their cyber realms. One must keep in mind to not ridicule them, or one will find their computer crashing for no apparent reason.

Instrumentally and technically The Gates of Slumber is somewhat mediocre. The genre requires power from the guitars as well as from the vocalist, and little of both was found here. Until Karl Simon learns how to make objects quiver with the power of his voice, they will remain on their current mediocre status. He sounds something like Ozzy Osbourne with half the vocal talent and a quarter of his charisma. It would not hurt if they could produce better guitar solos and decent melodies too.

Some tracks, like “Children of Satan” are quite well made: A galloping riff, catchy chorus and good drums produces good results even if all the tricks used have been executed time and again. Sounds awfully familiar, but nice none the less.

The album itself has a Doomish feel to it, especially in the intros. Slow bass accompanied with an echoing voice incorporated to Heroic Metal is not unheard of, nor original, and this combination is an easy one. There were definite Motörhead touches here and there too.

If you´re into the genre, you should give the album as well as the band a go; they´re not bad at all and the album was quite well mixed. They are touring until December 6th and continue on April and towards the end of April, they are going to pop by Germany.

Ozzy Aikas

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