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Titel / Title A.I.D.A. 
Label Shoko Music/ALIVE 
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Vö/Releasealready released / bereits erschienen 
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This strikes the same nerves as The Hives did, except this is a bit mellower, a bit softer. Both bands produce fun sounds, but The Hives just makes it in a more aggressive tone. The sound here is like The Hives had a child with Weezer.

This is quite a good album. The quick, erratic comps keep the audience awake and force their focus on the music; this is no elevator/lounge background noise. Technically this is a capable band. Keeping up with erratic comps and rhythms is not an easy feat, and the singer has some vocal talent. Furthermore, the tracks are built in quite well, and they can survive quite many listenings due to their intricate nature, every time one pops the record in, one can hear a new sound within some of the songs.

The problem with this album as well as the band itself is the nature of the sound. Keeping the jumpy tones without becoming annoying is a hard task. Some of the songs build up towards the end, the tempo quickening and the tones jumbling up, and here comes the love/hate division within the audience; some jump along with the ever quickening tones, feeling the power within the songs, the other half of the audience canīt wait for the song to end as they lose the sense of the song.

If you are into The Beatles, Weezer and this kind of feel-good rock and donīt mind strong progression, you will like this. The only thing keeping this from getting full points is the ever increasing difficulty of being completely original; if they had made this album before The Hives came out…

Ozzy Aikas

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