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Emergency Gate

Titel / Title Rewake 
Label Silverwolf / SPV 
Total run time
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EMERGENCY GATE present an album you could have, you may have, but not necessarily should have. Concerning the songwriting, the songs sound mostly the same. Nevertheless all the small ideas included have a high recognition value. All songs burst in and shouter Matthias Kupka suffocates his last piece of gall. Respect!!! Mostly the following songs stand out: “…of Stars and the Drifting” (nice Riff) and “Trust in Me” (nice Hooklines, catchy chorus). The guys know quite well how to integrate several facets into their songs.

Who needs a CD for an abreaction could find something good in “Rewake”. But John Doe will probably enjoy the album too.
Due to the spherical changes I give only eight points to it!!

Markus Seibel

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