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Titel / Title A-Lex 
Label SPV/Steamhammer 
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It must be really annoying! After Max Cavalera quit the band, Sepultura became really creative. But many of the old fans did not follow their idols, despite they received much excellent press feedback. It was the same problem with the last release ``Dante XXI``, a really ambitious project where Sepultura were supported by an orchestra. ``A-Lex`` is again a concept album, this time concerning the classic ``Clockwork Orange``.

And ``A-Lex`` has become excellent again. Smashers as `Molokko Mesto`, `The Treatment` or `Forceful Behaviour` are as convincing as slower tracks like `Filthy Rot` (superb!) or `Metamorphosis`. But there is also a thing I dont understand: The last three titles are some sort ``Covers`` of classical themes. Where is the relationship with ``Clockwork Orange``? Maybe I just don`t see it. But nevertheless, ``A-Lex`` is again a well done album.

Timo Pler

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