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Glowing Elephant

Titel / Title Radioactive Creampieces 
Label Abandon-Records 
Total run time
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I first thought: „This is really an anomalous name for a band“! But after the first listen it is really simple: Glowing Elephant has lots of breezy parts, as well as mighty grooves. Singer Tinn looks like he sounds in the end: like a real expert. In general the song material is high class, failures are nowhere to found.

It is a lot of fun to listen to songs like “Kisses and Greetings” or “Dancing in the Burn”, by the way to snap your fingers and to savor this songs. With adept used changes of dynamic and a crystal clear production they turn everything upside down. That means a lot…

Simply a small, bolt, lovely made jewel!

Markus Seibel

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