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Titel / Title Tumult 
Label F.A.M.E. Recordings 
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At the moment lots of albums are released which are – so to say – emotional captivating. You sit in front of the speakers, only able to listen.
If this is a new trend, I will agree. Lame music of course is nowhere a part of it…
…which is also the case for the latest record from the Berlin band COPPELIUS, who cater for long time entertainment.
The seventeen well sounding tracks are completely balanced, fully worked out, in other words subliminal and diversified constructed and elaborated…all at a high level of quality.
Here mourning and depression are made sensible and these emotions give their experimental music the authenticity that the band needs not to be seen as a run-of-the-mill-formation. But the best is yet to come: lots of catchy riffs and distinct trademarks, therefore “Tumult!” is a CD with many ideas and a destinctive style.

Markus Seibel

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