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The Sorrow

Titel / Title Origin of the Storm  
Label Drakkar  
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Nowadays, there are several options to control the illegal distribution of promotional records and the music contained on them. One method is to split up the tracks to 99 tracks. Normally, this works and the listener does not recognize when the player jumps from one title to another. But in this case it is actually a bit different. Approximately every 20 seconds my promotional copy jumps between the titles, plays a wrong title or tries to drive the reviewer mad another way. Therefore I am not able to give examples because I am not quite sure which part belongs to which song.

But ``Origin of the Storm`` also wonders me positevly: Until today, Metalcore has not been my cup of tea, but this thing is really worth listening to. Smashing drums and sawing guitar riffs fuse to mixture taking no prisoners! The firepower is even boosted by the formidable production. Another plus are the melodic vocals of Mathias Schlegl. In comparison to several other Metalcore vocalists, he really knows how to sing in a clear, melodic way. More of that, please!

But there is still space for improvement: The Sorrow should have the courage to variate their level of aggression and their tempo more. Some quite moments would enrich the whole album. But nevertheless a must-have for all Metalcore fans and all others should at least check it!

Timo Pler

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