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Titel / Title Feeling Feline Tonight 
Label Novotone/ Soulfood 
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Sweden, Sweden, always Sweden. This spot on the face of planet earth seems to be the birthplace of European Indie-Pop music. You just have to think about names like Mando- something and XY- anything, etc. and then you know, what to expect, but not quite in this case. ANTENNAS are not like the mass of those indiepop products that are played in discos and charts all the time. "Feeling Feline Tonight" of course has elements like those '"Strokesriffs", but those three Swedish guys do not confine to it. The result is not always chart material, but it is worth listening to it.
Christian, the singer, has an absolutely diverse voice and his singing reminds a little bit of the more famous Cold War Kids, especially the track Cold Watery Grave, and some other arrangements too.
"Feeling Feline Tonight" is the second album of ANTENNAS (formally known as NOVAK), which was recorded and produced with Magnus Henriksson somewhere in the Swedish woods.

Summary: You can listen to it and even dance to it, if you like!

Holger Hofmann

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