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Fire In The Attic

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Label Redfield/Cargo 
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According to the mass of releases from Indie/Emo Bands I should invent a standard text, especially “Fire In The Attic” at first sight looks like nothing more than a standard album. Well, does not matter.

Nevertheless, in detail this sound is quite accessible. Moreover, this record is not interesting only for people who never heard from FIRE IN THE ATTIC but also for fans. Mentionable are surely the songs “Are we there yet?”, “Clockworks” and “Emergency Exit. By the way, the last two songs are rather slow and the first one is ass-kicking. Referring to the voice everything is well and the vocals are high and intensive and remind me sometimes of LUNATIC HIGH. All is fulfilled with a complex songwriting devolving into instrumental parts alternating with arranging and formidable riffs. What stands out affirmatively is the production, which the guys made really well.

So this works out nicely and the album has us want more.

Markus Seibel

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