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Johnnie Rook

Titel / Title Rabatz 
Label Rügencore / Rough Trade 
Total run time
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Is there any further information needed, after you got the Band´s name and the Album-Title? Or is somebody in need of the explanation that this is Punk Rock. Well, after a dozen of listening sessions I have to agree, that this record is really well made.

The red thread through all those facets of music is the impression of a catchy-tune-sound. Melodic, ambitious and last but not least with the clean sound of the girl it is almost hundred percent radio-capable. The variety retires, but the groove is catchy enough to compensate this. The Punk-Feeling gets lost completely by “Fragrance Of Success” and “After All”. But it’s not as bad as all that…

No doubt – JOHNNIE ROOK has developed in any case, referring to their further records. Elaborated songwriting, a good production and the knowledge to combine interesting melodies made a remarkable album. Who wants to convince himself can order the album at the Bands homepage.

Markus Seibel

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