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Titel / Title Wir sind der Funk 
Label Red Farm Records 
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Obviously SCHEIN are addicted to funkmusic, but definitly not me, so I try to be neutral with my opinion about their record ´Wir sind der Funk´ .
First I have to say that this album is a good production, like the most records nowadays. Beside this plus: it is not easy to put the sound of 8 musicians together to make a coherent record, but the guys from Freising (Germany) make it right.

´Wir sind der Funk´ is the second album of SCHEIN, so it seems that the band structure works well and the stage fever is present. And they got something to say. Lyrically this record is about sociocritical and selfcritical themes with a bit of tongue-in-cheek ( ´Geld oder Leben´ , ´ Club der Verlierer´ etc. ) and without playing on one´s heart strings.

Fazit: If you like Funk, you will like SCHEIN!

Holger Hofmann

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